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Manship Theatre offers a place where curiosity feeds discovery, talent finds development, and passion fuels expression. Here you can find information on Summer Camps, Manship Theatre's Kids Club events and more. Our professional teaching artists support creativity at every level. Some students are preparing for futures in the performing arts, while others are here simply for an expressive outlet; regardless of level, it's our belief that every individual has a unique spark, something special to express. It is Manship Theatre's goal to help that spark shine brighter through the arts.

Manship Theatre Kids Club

Kids and parents love Manship Theatre Kids Club! Designed for children from Pre-K to 5th grade, the Kids Club offers a variety of benefits and activities just for kids, including special activities with Knock Knock Children's Museum! For more information about purchasing a Kids Club Membership, click here.

Tango Lagniappe

Tango Lagniappe is both a group and a venue for anyone interested in Argentine Tango. Whether you just heard about Tango yesterday and want to learn, or you are a seasoned tango dancer in town for a few days, you can find out about tango opportunities in Baton Rouge by checking the Tango Lagniappe page on Facebook.